You can use the form to view the alerts that you receive. If you have unread alerts, an icon is displayed in the status bar. Click the icon to open the form.

To ensure that you do not overlook any alerts, you can also have them delivered as pop-up messages or as e-mail alerts.

Pop-up messages

Pop-up messages appear at the bottom of your desktop area. You can set options to receive alerts as pop-up messages in the form.

From the pop-up message, you can either view the alert listed in the form or drill down to the origin of the alert to view the context in which the alert was triggered.

Tip Tip

Place the pointer over the alert message to make it persist.

E-mail alerts

An e-mail alert is triggered in Microsoft Dynamics AX and sent out as an e-mail message.

If you have alerts delivered by e-mail, you can be alerted about events even when you are not working in Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Note Note

E-mail alerts cannot be created or sent manually; they must be processed through the Microsoft Dynamics AX e-mail system.

Troubleshooting e-mail alerts

  • If you set up e-mail alerts but are not receiving them, verify the following settings or check with your administrator.

  • There must be a language selected in the form.

  • There must be a sender address in the e-mail template. The sender address is defined in the field in the form.

  • The field in the form must contain a recipient e-mail address.