Microsoft Dynamics AX provides two methods for registering the receipt of returned items. You can use the form to identify a return shipment by its RMA number. If a journal name is defined on the tab, and journal lines that correspond to the lines selected on the form exist, the program will automatically create a new journal header.

Alternatively, you can use the item arrival form to register the arrival of returned items. This method provides more flexibility, but requires more care because this is a more manual process. Attention must be paid to select and update the correct return order references.

Register the receipt of returned items with the Arrival overview form

  1. Click > > .

  2. In the list, select and then click .

    Tip Tip

    You can use the fields to narrow the search results. You can type or select the RMA number in the field for an exact result.

  3. In the table, locate the line that matches the item being returned, and then select the box in the column.

  4. If you want to exclude certain lines from the return receipt, such as items from the original order that were not included in the return shipment, clear the associated boxes in the table in the lower part of the form.

  5. Click the button.

    Note Note

    You can select multiple return orders and include them all in a single arrival process. Each return order line will be copied into a corresponding item arrival journal line. However, because return orders cannot be mixed with other arrival types in the form, the reference will always be sales order, but no sales order ID will be specified on the journal header.

Register the receipt of returned items with the Location journal form

  1. Click > > .

  2. On the tab, create a journal entry of type Arrival.

  3. On the tab, in the field, select , and then select the customer account in the list.

  4. In the area, select an RMA number and a disposition code.

  5. Specify any other details necessary for this item, and then use one of the following procedures:

    • Click the button to enter all information manually for a journal line.

    • Click the button.

    • Click > .

      Note Note

      With the last two options, you will have to change the default type of Purchase order to Sales order in order to have return order lines included.

    All the return order lines are copied to the new item arrival journal lines, together with all related reference information.

  6. Back on the form, select the journal line you want to work with, and then click the button to open the form

  7. On the tab, locate the return order for which you want to register returned items.

    Note Note

    Because returned items do not yet have an inventory transaction, you must usually specify an account first as part of this process, unless you are processing a negative sales order.

  8. After you select the correct RMA number, select the item being returned from the field.

  9. Adjust the number in the field, if a change is necessary.

  10. Click the button.

  11. If there are no errors in the validation process, click .

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