Electronic documents, such as sales orders, purchase requisitions, invoices, general ledger charts of accounts, or currency exchange rates, are sent between Microsoft Dynamics AX and recipients by using Application Integration Framework (AIF).

AIF is the framework by which electronic documents are serialized into and deserialized from XML, placed in sending and receiving queues, and finally sent or received.

In order to send and receive electronic documents, AIF and each separate endpoint (the recipient and the sender) must be correctly configured. For example, a vendor (recipient) must be set up correctly as an endpoint in order to receive a purchase requisition electronic document from Microsoft Dynamics AX. Additionally, if there is a requirement for Microsoft Dynamics AX to receive a purchase invoice from the vendor, this specific document (purchase invoice document) must also be set up for the vendor (endpoint). For more information on configuring AIF, see Configuring and managing AIF in the Server and Database Administration Help.

After AIF is configured, documents are sent and received in the individual forms that relate to each action. There are three ways that you can send documents electronically from forms in Microsoft Dynamics AX:

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