The production stages Release, Start, and Report as finishedare a part of production control. These stages direct or regulate the movements of goods through the entire manufacturing cycle, from the requisitioning of raw materials to the delivery of finished products. When you update the production order to the status Started, you are actually sending the order into production.

More about Start options

The basic options for starting a production include:

  • Select the quantity to start.

  • Send all operations in a production order into production or send only some of them.

  • Select automatic or manual release of items for production.

  • Print a picking list.

Additional options include:

  • References - Any production orders that are linked to the current production can also be started.

  • Post now - You must select this option for journals to be updated. If you select this option, you must also indicate the accounts for BOM or route consumption that are affected.

  • Final job - This option indicates that the production is completed in its entirety for this status (whether it is Reporting as finished or Costing). The production status can then be raised or updated to the next level.

  • Pick negative - If negative inventory is allowed for the BOM items included in the production according to the setup in the inventory table, you can allow negative inventories to be picked to start the production.

  • Physical reduction - The system reduces the quantity picked to the quantity that is physically available in inventory and continues with the production, instead of stopping if the total quantity required for the production is not available.

Feedback on consumption during production

After production is started, you can receive feedback on actual consumption as the production is occurring. This feedback can be presented in a variety of ways depending on your business processes.

Automatic BOM consumption can be:

  • Item dependent - You can select individual items in the BOM to be released manually. All other items for which manual release is not selected are released automatically.

  • Always - All items are released automatically.

  • Never - All items are released manually.

Automatic route consumption can be:

  • Route dependent - If automatic consumption is selected in the routing group feedback and you include the setup and processing times, the route has automatic consumption. If not, the consumption must be entered manually.

  • Always - All route consumption is entered automatically.

  • Never - All route consumption is entered manually.

Indicate consumption complete by using end-marking

Depending on your production setup and how much control you want over your production process, you can choose to have the system automatically indicate when consumption of materials and capacity is completed for a production. This is referred to as end-marking.

When end-marking is selected, the system automatically generates the necessary journal entries with indications of when the consumption for a particular production is complete. Without end-marking, the system notifies you that the production cannot be considered as finished because consumption has not been indicated as being completed. At that time, manually enter all lines in the appropriate journals to report when consumption is finished for a production manually. End-marking can be selected in the or parameter selection process.

Record actual consumption using journals

If your method includes recording actual consumption, these updates can be done through the journals ( , , and ). In repetitive manufacturing processes, where consumption is predictable and follows a regular pattern, inventory can be back-flushed by using the estimated consumption data for the production. This is the case when automatic consumption is set to Always.

Journal lines are also created when you select Always for automatic consumption, or partially created when you select Item/route dependent. However, they cannot be posted unless Post now is selected. If the lines are not posted automatically, you can enter the actual consumption so that you don't have to create the journal lines manually.