A dimension focus is an identification of a single dimension (including the ledger account) or a combination of dimensions for use in balance statements and reports. In one report, for example, you might use a focus of ledger account, department, and purpose, and in another, a focus of department and ledger accounts. You can also use a dimension focus as a main or secondary focus of the row structure in financial statements and in dimension statements.

Note Note

To query balances by single dimension in the or forms, you must create the dimensions as dimension focuses.

Before you can create dimension focuses, you must set up a number sequence:

  1. Click > > .

  2. On the tab, select a number sequence for the value in the field.

Create a dimension focus

You can create as many dimension focuses as are needed:

  1. Click > > > .

  2. Press CTRL + N to create a dimension focus.

  3. In the text box, enter a unique identifier to name the new dimension focus.

  4. In the text box, enter a descriptive name.

  5. In the pane on the tab, select one or more dimensions that you want to include in the selected dimension focus, and drag them to the pane.

    Alternatively, select one or more dimensions, and use the arrows between the panes to move the dimensions from one pane to the other. You must select at least one dimension for each dimension focus.

Note Note

Once you have created a dimension focus and entered it in a row definition or in a financial statement, the focus cannot be deleted until you first delete all row definitions and modify the financial statements that use that focus.

Define a default dimension focus

A default dimension focus is the focus that is automatically selected in the report. To open this report, click > > > .

To define the default dimension focus:

  1. Click > > .

  2. On the tab, select a focus in the lookup field.

Note Note

The dimension sets that you defined in the form are also included in the selection list for the default dimension focus.

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