Financial transactions are at minimum organized according to voucher and ledger account, but you can use dimensions to classify and analyze transactions in more detail.

A dimension is an extra perspective through which you can view the financial state of your company. A license for the core financial module provides three dimensions:

For each dimension, you can set up dimension values that you then attach to transactions to further identify and define them. The dimension values that are attached to a transaction are attributes of the transaction. If you attach dimension values to all company transactions, you can group and analyze company results by these attributes as well as by ledger account.

For example, you can use the department dimension values to track the performance of company organizational units, the cost center dimension values to track your project teams, and the purpose dimension values to track transactions by individual sales people.

To use dimensions in reports, such as the dimension statement, and to view balances by dimension, you must create dimension focuses. A dimension focus is a dimension (including the ledger account as a dimension) or a combination of dimensions. When used in reports, dimension focuses are used to sort transactions correctly and to present the results in the correct order.

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In the context of dimension focuses, the general category of ledger accounts is simply another dimension, and the specific ledger account is considered a dimension value.

The following topics provide information about dimension values and dimension focuses:



Create a dimension value

How to create dimension values in the form in the section or in the form in the section.

Set up dimension focuses

How to create dimension focuses in .

View the balance by dimension

View the balance by dimension focuses in .

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