Many service orders are initiated by customers through the Enterprise Portal. Before service orders can be dispatched, however, each of these service orders must be reviewed in the form in order to verify that they are valid and to determine which team or employee should handle each particular service order.

  1. Click > Common Forms> to open the form.

  2. Review the details of the service order request on the tab.

    Note Note

    If the request is invalid, click Edit> Deleteto cancel the service request.

  3. On the tab, review and make any necessary changes in the , , and areas, including the ID of technician to which the service order will be assigned.

  4. On the tab, verify or update the address that appears in the area.

  5. (Optional) Click the button to review any attached repair lines that the customer may have created.

  6. When you finish verifying the service order, click to move the service order from the Web service orders list and into the form.

Note Note

By default, the form does not display any Web service orders that you have not transferred yet from the Web service orders list.

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