Use the form to assign the level of detail for inventory dimensions. Create a dimension group, and then add inventory dimensions as needed. Inventory dimensions are of two types: item and storage.

To open the form, click > > > .

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There are no set guidelines for selecting dimensions; however, we recommend that you use only the number of dimensions that will actually be used for each item. If some items are tracked and others are not, create several dimension groups. Carefully consider how inventory should function before you set up inventory dimensions and dimension groups.

Dimension groups

Set up a dimension group for a group of items that have similar characteristics or that should be handled or categorized the same way. Activate one or more inventory dimensions for the dimension group by selecting the check box for the dimension in the form. Each inventory dimension has the same setup for all items that belong to that dimension group.

The dimension group is a mandatory field in the form. However, if only a few dimension groups are used, include the dimension group in the item templates that are used when you create new items. This way, the dimension group does not have to be selected manually for each item that is created.

Item dimensions

An item dimension is used to identify item attributes, such as model, size, and color. The available item dimensions are , , and .

The following rules apply to item dimensions:

  • The dimension must be specified when an item transaction, for example, a purchase or sales order line, is created.

  • The specified dimension applies only to the item transaction. You can neither fully nor partly change the dimension value for the related inventory transactions upon physical issue or receipt.

  • Items are always reserved per dimension. You cannot reserve items for dimension values other than those specified on the actual item transaction.

Storage dimensions

A storage dimension is used to identify where and how an item is stored. Storage dimensions for an inventory group can control the level of detail that is used when issues are linked to receipts (marking). The following storage dimensions are available:

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