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Use this form to check the internal structure and integrity of company accounts and correct errors. Select the parts of the company accounts that you want to check or correct.

Tip Tip

You can set up the consistency check as a batch job to run at a time when there are no users on the system.

Navigating the form

The following tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form.




General tab

Select a module on which to perform a consistency check and corrections on a specified date.

Set up the check to run as a batch process. For more information, see Prepare batch processing on the Batch tab.




Opens the configuration form for the specific node that is selected in the tree.

Frequently, this button opens the query dialog box. This enables you to restrict the records to be checked.

Starts the check for the selected node.




Select the part of the company that you want to check and correct.

Check the company with or without fixing any errors.

Include only records past the specified date.

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