Measurement journals are used to manually post transactions to measurements.

About measurement journal names

You can define measurement journal names, and specify whether to activate an approval procedure for measurement journals. The approval procedure consists of the following steps when you post a measurement journal:

  • Reporting the journal as ready.

  • Approving or rejecting the journal.

Post measurement journals

If the approval procedure is enabled for the measurement journal names assigned to the measurement journal, the journal must be reported as ready and approved before it can be posted. If the approval procedure is not enabled, simply post the journal.

Before posting, the journal is checked automatically. Any errors in the journal must be corrected before the journal can be posted. After you post a journal, you can no longer edit its lines. Errors can be corrected by creating a settlement journal.

About measurement journal lines

Measurement journal lines contain the actual transactions that are posted using the measurement journal. You can post one transaction per measurement per period.

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