You can create budgets for fixed asset value models. The budget journal for fixed assets is very similar to the fixed assets ledger journal. Both manual transaction entry and the functionality of proposals are identical to those of the fixed assets ledger journal.

It is possible to generate a budget-related depreciation proposal corresponding to the depreciation proposal in the fixed asset ledger journal.

If budget transactions are entered in the budget journal, they only can be seen in the journal. After they are entered, click to transfer to only a fixed assets budget, or to a fixed assets budget and ledger budget. During the transfer, previous budget transfers can be deleted.

To update fixed assets budgets in General ledger, the same accounts are used as accounts set up for realized fixed asset transactions, which are the accounts from the form. The transaction type of the budget line, together with the fixed asset and the value model of the budget journal line, will be used to update the accounts in the posting profile.

Posting options

  • Post and transfer to the ledger from the fixed assets budget journal ( > > ).

    Select a budget model from the budget models created in > > > .

  • Click , and then click to create manual fixed asset budget transactions and transfer to the ledger from the fixed assets value models.

  • View and transfer fixed asset budget transactions to ledger from > > .

  • Click > > > to print fixed asset budget transactions.

Note Note

The fixed asset budget journal includes the functionality of proposals for entering budgets.

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