Pay agreements are valid for a limited period. When a pay agreement is no longer valid, any employee who has been connected to the agreement cannot be approved or transferred.

When a new pay agreement is required, copy the existing pay agreement and make the necessary changes.

Important Important

If you change only the date on which the agreement expires, you must change the date after approving the last day of the previous agreement period. Furthermore, you will not be able to see the old setup.

A pay agreement contains a number of pay agreement lines that specify when different pay types are issued. These pay agreement lines can be delimited in many ways. In addition to pay agreement lines for hourly pay and overtime pay, you can also create bonus lines for specific operations or for working on specific projects.

Create a pay agreement

  1. Click > > > .

  2. Press CTRL+N, or click Newon the toolbar to create a new line.

  3. In the field, type a unique ID and a description.

  4. In the and boxes, enter the dates for the validity period.

  5. In the field, enter the number of minutes to deduct when clocking in late.

  6. In the and fields, enter the appropriate information related to rounding off overtime.

  7. Click .

  8. Select and .

  9. Press CTRL+N, or click Newon the toolbar to create a new line.

  10. In the list, click your selection.

  11. Enter delimitation for this specific pay type.

Note Note

A pay agreement can contain several lines for each wage type. For each wage type, repeat steps 8 - 11.

Tip Tip

Create all lines for one weekday and then copy the lines. To copy lines to other weekdays, click .

Set up pay agreement lines delimited by a count unit

A count unit can be used as delimiter if specific pay is limited to a number of hours for a specific time period, such as a week. For information about pay adjustments, see About pay adjustments and count units.

  1. Click > > > .

  2. Select the relevant pay agreement and click .

  3. Press CTRL+N, or click Newon the toolbar to create a new line.

  4. Enter a minimum and maximum number of hours.

  5. In the and lists, click your selection.

  6. Click the tab.

  7. In the list, select a wage type output.

Note Note

This is relevant if you want to show a different wage type in the payroll records that are created.

  1. Close the window.

  2. Click and setup a pay agreement line using the new count unit as delimiter.

Setting up pay lines using switch codes

Switch codes can be used in two different ways on a pay agreement line:

  • As a delimiter: If the switch code is registered, the pay agreement line is applied.

  • For switching to a secondary pay type: If the switch code is registered, the secondary type is used instead.

In both cases, you must make a selection in the box on the pay agreement line.

NoteIf the box is empty, the switch code is used as a delimiter.

Wage type: Absence

Depending on the setup of calculation parameters, absence time may or may not be included in the field when pay transactions are calculated.

If you select not to include absence in the field, you must set up pay agreement lines for the wage type absence in order to generate pay for the absence types where employees are still paid.

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