By default, client sessions use the current date when entering and posting transactions. You can change the date that is used for your current Microsoft Dynamics AX client session. Use this feature to back-date transactions or invoices, if necessary.

Changing the date for the current session affects the following information:

  • The posting date in all modules

  • The invoice date and associated due date

  • The statistics period in which the current transaction is updated

The date resets to the current date when you close your client session.

  1. Click Microsoft Dynamics AX> > .

  2. Click the calendar icon and select a new date in the calendar.

  3. Enter the time.

    Tip Tip

    Alternatively, you can double-click the date in the status bar.

    If the system date is not displayed in the status bar, adjust your user settings. Click Microsoft Dynamics AX> > > , and then select the check box.

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