Default data is customer-independent data, such as address formats, time intervals, and unit conversions.

Tip Tip

Setting up this kind of information is a prerequisite for all Microsoft Dynamics AX installations. After you set up one Microsoft Dynamics AX installation, use the form to export default data. Use the export files as a basis to import into new installations.

Importing default data is one of the first steps that you should complete when you set up a Microsoft Dynamics AX implementation. However, you can import default data at a later stage.

If you try to import data into tables that already hold data, the import wizard issues a warning. You can choose to overwrite the existing data or append the imported data to the existing data. We recommend that you do not delete existing data.

Note Note

The import typically includes data that is not company-specific, such as user group and user information. If there is more than one company, importing this data also affects other companies.

Import default data

  1. Make sure that the current company account is the one that you want to import data into.

  2. Click > > > > .

  3. In the wizard, click Nextto begin the wizard.

  4. In the page:

    1. Locate the file that contains the default data.

    2. Select the check box to have the import executed by the AOS server instead of by the client.

      This option will typically improve performance.

    3. If you want to import data into tables that are not company accounts-specific, select .

    4. Click Nextto move to the next page.

  5. Click Nextin the page.

    The wizard then provides an overview of the tables in the import file.

  6. In the page, you can clear tables that should not be imported. The import is not performed until you acknowledge that the tables presented are the correct set to import.

    When you have made a selection, click Nextto move to the next page.

    Note Note

    If you import a text field from the Microsoft Office Excel spreadsheet with an integer greater than 2.1 million, it is not imported into Microsoft Dynamics AX, and the column displays in red. Use an integer less than 2.1 million.

  7. Click Nextin the page.

  8. In the page, select the tables to delete from the Microsoft Dynamics AX system before you import the default data.

    This page shows a list of tables that contain records. By selecting a table, the records will be replaced by the imported data. If you do not select to delete the table, then you will not import default data to these tables.

    When you have made your selection, click Nextto move to the next page.

  9. Click Finishto save your changes and start the import, or click to exit the wizard.

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