1. Open the , , , or inventory journal from which to mark orders.

  2. Select a sales order line, purchase order line, inventory transaction, journal transaction, or production line.

  3. In the lower pane, click > .

    On the header of , inventory transactions for the selected sales order line, purchase order line, inventory transaction, or production line are listed.

  4. On the lines of the form, do one of the following:

    • Enter the number of items to mark in the field.

    • Select the check box to automatically complete the field with the available number of items.

    • Click to have Microsoft Dynamics AX suggest which orders to mark.

  5. Click to update the marking and keep the form open or click OKto update the marking and close the form.

    Tip Tip

    Click if the selected lot is reserved by inventory dimensions so that the reserved batch and serial numbers is marked accordingly, if possible. You can also click to clean up markings across inventory dimensions. If there is a question mark next to the check box, it means that the inventory dimensions are different for issue and receipt, which might not be your intention. Click to cancel the marking.

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