In the form, you can build various budget models to run budget simulations and compare results.

A budget model can contain many submodels, which you attach to the budget model on the tab. For example, you could make a budget with submodels that represent the various departments of the company.

Note Note

Budget models that are used as submodels cannot contain submodels.

You can use a single budget model for all or some of your budgets, or you can create a new budget model for each budget.

From this form, you can control the budgets that have been based on a specific budget model in two ways:

  • To indicate that the budget model and the budgets that are based on the model are not able to be changed, select the check box.

  • To indicate that budgets that are created from the budget model are included in cash-flow forecasting, select the check box. The corresponding field on any budget that you create from the budget model is then automatically selected. You can select and clear the field for specific budgets on the form, as appropriate.

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