You can register consumption of items in using several methods. You can either sell or purchase from a project or reserve items for a project.

Sales order items

  • To sell an item or items from a project, you can create a sales order from the project itself. You can only create sales orders from projects.

Consumption items

You can either order items for consumption on a project from the company's inventory, or you can purchase them from an external vendor. Items can be consumed on all types of projects except Time projects.

  • If you want to order items from the company's inventory, you must enter the order as an item requirement. If you use the form, you can set it up so that you receive items as partial deliveries. This means that you can postpone consumption of a quantity of the items until the items are required.

  • If you order items from an external vendor, you must create this order as a purchase order in the form.

Item handling methods



Path or method

Consumption of items

Enter a sales transaction directly on a time and material project.

  1. Click > >; select a project.

  2. Click and select .

Item transactions are consumed when the customer invoice is posted.

Fast method for entering and maintaining item records. If, for example, you want to enter an item requirement on the basis of a printed list, the inventory journal can be applied.

Click > > .

Item transactions are consumed when the journal is posted.

For entry of items not to be consumed immediately. Allows users to keep track of what number of items within one item requirement record has been consumed.

  1. Click > > select a project of type .

  2. Click and select .

Item transactions are consumed when the packing slip is updated. That is, the item requirement is created when the packing slip is posted.

Enter transactions in three different locations depending on the purchase method.

Purchase orders can be entered as follows:

  • The item record is entered as a normal project purchase order.

  • The purchase order is created from a sales order.

  • The purchase order is created from an item requirement.

  • Item transactions are consumed on a packing slip update or when the customer, and or vendor, is invoiced.

Note Note

When handling items in , you must define a project category on the tab in .

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