Use this information to create a shipment.

  1. Click > Common Forms> .

  2. Create a new shipment using the following mandatory fields: , , and .

    For more information, see Shipment (form).

  3. Click to open the form.

  4. Click to open the form.

  5. Select the output order to add. In the field, enter the quantity to add to the shipment. Alternatively, select the check box, which transfers the rest of the quantity to the shipment.

When the shipment has been created, reservations can be activated while the shipment includes lines that are still not in a route. You can click > to reserve and allocate a picking route.

Add lines to an existing shipment

When a shipment has been created and is in process, you can add lines until the shipment has actually been sent.

For more information, see Shipment (form)and Shipment lines (form).

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