You can use account categories, which are attributes that provide an additional classification, to classify general ledger accounts and define an account range to view information from a group of accounts. For more information, see Ledger account categories (form).

After you set up ledger account categories in the form, use the form to link ledger accounts to the categories. A ledger account can be linked to only one category at a time.

  1. Click > > .

  2. Select the account category to link to one or more ledger accounts.

  3. Click the button to open the form.

  4. You can link the ledger accounts to account categories in these ways:

    • Select the check box to link the ledger account to the account category.

    • Click the button to link all ledger accounts to the account category.

    Note Note

    To unlink a ledger account from an account category, clear the check box next to the ledger account or click .

  5. Click OK.

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