Use accounts payable parameters to adjust functionality to meet your company's needs and requirements.

Important Important

We recommend that you first review all parameters and set them as necessary, especially before invoicing, because the parameters determine how the data generated by the transactions is handled.

To open the form, click > > . The parameters are grouped onto tabs according to functionality, such as the following tabs.



Specify the default values for when new purchase orders are created.

Define how to update invoices and packing slips and specify default values for summary updates.

Specify default values related to posting profiles, sales tax posting, and cash flow forecasts.

Define how settlements are handled.

Specify the credit limit type that most of your vendors use.

Specify how to calculate the total discount if both line and multiline discounts have been defined for a purchase order, and whether to allocate miscellaneous charges automatically when purchase orders are created.

Select which inventory dimensions to display on purchase order lines.

Define number sequences that are relevant for Accounts payable.

For more information, press F1 in the form. For an overview of dependencies between parameters, see Accounts payable parameters (form).

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