Alerts is a notification system that you can use to be alerted about critical events in Microsoft Dynamics AX that you need to keep track of during a workday.

With a few clicks of the mouse you can set up your own set of rules to be alerted about overdue deliveries, orders that are deleted, prices that change, or other events that you need to respond to.

What happens when an alert rule is created?

When you create alert rules, you associate a predefined event with a field (a date in a field is due, the contents in this field changes) or you associate an event with records of a particular form (a record is created or deleted). When the selected event happens for this particular field or for a record in this particular form, an alert is sent to you. For example, if you create a rule where you associate the field on a purchase order line with the event , and set the time frame to five days, an alert is triggered five days after the delivery date of this particular purchase order line. Also, you can refine the alert rules by setting conditions so that, for example, you are alerted only about new purchase orders that created for certain vendor accounts.

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