A transactional ad hoc report is a report that you create yourself. You select the data that you want to display on the report and design the layout of the report. The data on the report will appear exactly as it appears in your Microsoft Dynamics AX database.

To create a transactional ad hoc report, you will use a tool called Report Builder, which is a component of Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services. Using Report Builder, you can create a report by dragging database tables and fields onto a report template.

Use the following procedures to create a transactional ad hoc report.

Set Report Builder options

Use the following steps to open Report Builder.

  1. Open the Report Builder optionsform ( Microsoft Dynamics AXmenu > Tools> BI tools> Report Builder options).

  2. From the Report datalist, select a report model.

    A report model is a view of business data. The view has been isolated from other Microsoft Dynamics AX data so that it is relevant to users in a specific job. For example, if you are a manager who oversees customer relationships, you should select a customer report model that contains data from the customer table (CustTable) and other related tables.

    To create a transactional ad hoc report, drag database tables and fields from the report model onto a report template.

    If the report model you need is not in the list, ask your system administrator to generate a new report model for you.

  3. From the Languagelist, select the language that you want to use to design the report.

    If the language that you want to use is not in the list, check with your system administrator. Your organization might need to purchase additional language licenses.

  4. If you want to be prompted to select a report model and language every time that you open Report Builder, select the Prompt for these options whenever starting Report Buildercheck box.

  5. To add a link to Report Builder to your Favoriteslist in Microsoft Dynamics AX, click Add to Favorites.

  6. Click OK.

Design the report

Use the following steps to design a report in Report Builder.

  1. Open Report Builder by clicking Microsoft Dynamics AXmenu > Tools> BI tools> Report Builder.

    Depending on the options you selected, the Report Builder optionsform may appear. If so, complete the steps in the previous procedure and click OKto open Report Builder.

    Report Builder will open and display a blank report template. Database entities and fields are listed on the left side of the template.

  2. Select an entity and then drag the desired fields onto the report template.

    Note Note

    The entities and fields in Report Builder are based on the tables that the Microsoft Dynamics AX administrator selected when creating a report perspective. If you require different entities and fields, contact your administrator.

  3. Click Saveto save your report.

    For more information about working with the report template or about customizing Report Builder reports, see the Report Builder online Help or view the Report Builder documentation on MSDN.

Generate the report

When you are done designing the report, you can generate, or run the report. Click the Run Reportbutton in the Report Builder toolbar. The report will be displayed.