1. Click > Common Forms> .

  2. Click to see the complete form.

  3. Press CTRL+N to create a new purchase order.

  4. In the form, select a vendor.

    • Click Yesto copy existing vendor information to the purchase order.

    • Click Noto create the new purchase order without copying previous vendor purchase information.

  5. In the list, select the type of purchase order to create.

    For more information about order types, see About purchase orders.

  6. Enter or modify the information in the form if needed, and click OK.

  7. On the tab in the form, enter or select a value in the , , , and fields.

  8. If the purchase order is for a fixed asset, use the tab to enter an existing fixed asset number or to create a new fixed asset.

  9. Press CTRL+N or press the down arrow key to create additional lines for the purchase order.

    Tip Tip

    To shift between the purchase order header and line, press CTRL+PAGE DOWN and CTRL+PAGE UP. To delete an order, press ALT+F9.

    To display inventory dimensions on the tab, click > .

    To view the order status, such as the remaining quantity to be delivered, use the ( > > > ). For more information, see View the status of open purchase orders.

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