If rules are of the action type, the tab page becomes visible. On this page, actions for true or false conditions are defined

  1. Repeat the first six steps described in the Create validation ruletopic.

  2. Click the tab, and then create the conditions for which the actions will be defined as described in the Constraint rule typetopic.

  3. Click the tab.

  4. In the field group, press CTRL+N.

  5. In the field, select the variable name.

  6. If the selected variable belongs to the array group, type its number in the field.

  7. In the field group, define the actions which will be performed when the condition is true.

  8. Press CTRL+N.

  9. In the , select , , , or .

  10. In the field, specify if the variable selected in the field will have a specific value or be calculated according to a formula.

    • If you selected , specify it in the field.

    • If you selected , click to create a formula.

  11. Select the check box if you want all the rules that contain the selected variable to be recalculated.

  12. Use and buttons to change the order in which the actions will be performed.

  13. In the field group, perform steps 8–13 to set up the actions which will be performed if the condition is false.

  14. Create any messages required on the tab page. Messages are language specific. Therefore the label ID must be specified for each message that you create.