Campaigns are created as part of the marketing business process. When you create a campaign, you can also create sub campaigns to split a campaigns targets, owners, or dates.

Create a campaign

  1. Click > > > .

  2. Press CTRL+N to create a new campaign.

  3. Use the drop down lists to select values for the , , and fields.

  4. Enter a unique name for the campaign in the field.

  5. Define a format in the field if you want to create sub-campaigns to the campaign.

  6. If you intend to attach a questionnaire to the campaign, select a questionnaire from the drop-down list in the field.

    The is set automatically based on parameters set in the tab in the form, where all campaign defaults are set but can be changed if required.

  7. Click OKto accept the new campaign parameters and create the campaign.


  • You can obtain a financial overview of the campaign costs if you connect the campaign to a project. Connect the campaign to an existing or new project by clicking and selecting .

  • You can add documents to the campaign by clicking the documents icon on the tab.

  • You can set up e-mail templates for broadcasting Web responses for the campaign on the tab.

    E-mail templates can also be changed on this tab and saved for the selected campaign only.

  • You can register the and , and you can conduct a for the campaign by clicking the button in the form.

  • You can write special notes for the newly created campaign in the tab of the form.

Create sub campaigns

  1. Click > > > .

  2. Select the campaign for which you want to create a sub-campaign.

  3. Specify a format in the field for the active campaign if one is not already specified.

    If a format is not specified, set the format using hash marks (#) to indicate how many digits the sub campaign should be marked with.

    Using the format "-##" gives sub-campaigns a two-digit appellation behind the original campaign number, For instance, if the original campaign number being was "1003", creating three sub-campaigns would result in the sub-campaigns having the numbers "1003-01", "1003-02" and "1003-03".

  4. Click to open a new form in which you can create a sub-campaign.

  5. Press CTRL+N to create the new sub-campaign.

  6. Enter the relevant data in the fields. Each sub-campaign inherits base data from the parent campaign but some data must be entered by the user.

Note Note

New sub-campaigns can be attached to existing sub-campaigns, by selecting a format and then clicking , creating a multi level campaign hierarchy.

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