Working with Inventory journals

Select the relevant inventory journal type from the , then use the list box to display , , or journals in the tab. The following inventory journal types are available:

Creating new journals

Create new journals by using the "Create new" function (press CTRL+N). You can retrieve the default journal name from the tab in the form, and the journal lines are displayed. For more information about creating journals, see Journal names, Inventory (form).

Entering adjustments

Enter adjustments the same way as for journal lines. You can post the adjustments after they are checked and printed. Adjust values in the dialog box by using , or .

Tip Tip

A journal line can only be accessed by one user at a time. If several users need to access the journals at the same time, they must select their own journal to prevent overwriting.

It is also useful to divide journals so that each posting routine is entered in its own unique inventory journal. For posting routines that are associated with inventory transactions, create a journal for periodic inventory adjustments and another for inventory counting.

You can use inventory journals in other parts of the application. For example, when you report a bill of materials (BOM) as finished, create a BOM journal, which can be directly posted. You do not have to post lines before leaving the inventory journals, because new data remains in the journal. You can make adjustments at any time.