Use this form to create inventory journal names. The journal names are used in eight journals: , , , , , , , and . Set up default journal names on the Journalstab in .

Tasks that use this form

Navigating the form

The following tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form.




Overview tab

View a list of journal names. You can also create, modify, or delete journal names

General tab

View or modify information about one specific journal name. The information is grouped according to identification of the journal name, voucher and posting details, and blocking (to make certain journals private to other groups).




Journal identification.

Journal description.

Journal type that determines what the journal is used for.

Choose a voucher series from the list, set up using the form.

Specifies when a new voucher number will be automatically picked.

Specifies when a new voucher will be allocated.

Specifies the ledger offset account.

Specifies summation level.

Specifies if journal lines will be deleted when posting is completed.

User group that the journal is private to.

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