Data for the Microsoft Office Excel worksheets can be entered manually or imported from another system.

Important Important

The template cannott be changed. If it is changed, the import will fail.

Format details

  • For each Microsoft Dynamics AX table selected, a template is presented on a separate worksheet.

  • Field names are displayed in the first row.

  • Fields occur in the same order that they appear in the table. Do not change this order. If you change the order, the data will not import correctly.

  • Array field names contain the symbol '@'. For example, Dimension@Department, Dimension@Cost center, and Dimension@Purpose.

  • Mandatory fields in Microsoft Dynamics AX have their corresponding columns in Microsoft Office Excel highlighted in yellow.

Working with data in Microsoft Office Excel

Data import from Microsoft Office Excel into Microsoft Dynamics AX is optimal when the data types in the Excel worksheet match the ones in the Microsoft Dynamics AX fields. When a template based on Microsoft Dynamics AX is created, the cells in the worksheet have an Excel format called 'Text'. The contents of cells with text format are treated as text even when a number is in the cell. This format is useful because numbers frequently contain spaces, parentheses, or dashes, which can produce poor data if they are saved in the 'Number' format.

When Excel data is imported, Microsoft Dynamics AX converts the data to the required format only if the entered data type is compatible with the required type. For example, a string type entered in an Excel cell that should be imported into a Microsoft Dynamics AX field of integer type is not imported into Microsoft Dynamics AX. This also means that wherever enum values are expected, the actual string value must be entered instead of the representative integers.


  • If you enter telephone numbers, Telex numbers, swift numbers, postal (ZIP) codes or other numbers that contain parentheses and dashes, Microsoft Dynamics AX accepts them as strings.

  • If you enter a number such as 10000 into a field where a real number is expected, Microsoft Dynamics AX converts it to 10,000.00 by inserting the separators. However, if you enter a string, such as "abc" in the same field, the data is not imported.

  • To import the DayWeekMonthenum with the value Week, you must enter 'Week' in the Excel worksheet.

Note Note

You cannot import data entered in Excel in a format that is incompatible with the data type in Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Mandatory rows left blank in Excel that are imported into Microsoft Dynamics AX integer fields are "zero-filled" in Microsoft Dynamics AX. The best way to avoid unwanted data in Microsoft Dynamics AX is to enter valid data in all yellow-highlighted columns in the worksheet.