1. Click > > > > .

  2. To create combinations, select the item number in the field to create dimension combinations for a particular item.

  3. Enter values in the , , and fields to create the desired combination of dimensions and type a description of it in the field.

  4. Click to automatically generate a list of possible item dimension combinations for the selected item.

  5. In the form, select the check box next to the desired item combinations.

  6. Click to create the combinations and return to the form.

  7. Click the tab if you want to define a cost price for the selected item combination.

Note Note

Item dimension combinations can be created automatically by selecting the check box in the form ( tab).

To define and use a cost price per item dimension combination, select the check box form ( tab).

Tip Tip

The form can also be accessed directly from the , , and forms and from the form by clicking , .

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