Use this procedure to verify that the information that is required to successfully transmit OIOXML electronic invoices for public sector organizations is entered. You can specify a dimension account for either the project invoice or for the project invoice proposal lines. You also can post the project invoice.

  1. Click > Common Forms> .

  2. Select a project for a public sector organization and verify that the project information is correct.

  3. Click the tab. Right-click in the field and select Go to the Main Table Form.

  4. On the tab, verify that the field is filled in, and close the form.

  5. In the form, right-click in the field and select Go to the Main Table Form.

  6. Click the tab and verify that the and fields are filled in.

  7. To specify a dimension account for the project invoice header, clear the check box and enter an account in the field.

    To specify dimension accounts for each project invoice line, select the check box.

  8. Close the form.

  9. In the form, click > , and then click .

  10. In the form, make your selections and click OK.

    After the invoice proposal has been created, the dimension account for the project invoice header is shown on the tab of the form.

  11. If you selected the check box in step 7, enter an account in the field on the applicable line tabs ( , , , , , , and ).

  12. In the form, click .

  13. In the form, select the and check boxes.

  14. Click > .

  15. In the Printer setupform, select as the printer destination in the list.

  16. Click OKto close the form.

  17. In the form, click OK.

    When the batch job is processed, invoices for customers that have an EAN number assigned are generated as XML files, and then are automatically converted to OIOXML files. The resulting OIOXML files are created in the shared folder that is specified for the EInvoiceXSLFileTransformbatch job task for the project batch job.

  18. To view the project invoice, click > Common Forms> and select a transaction. Click > . Dimension account information is shown only for public sector customers.

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