After you have set up your vendors, customers, and items, you must create endpoints for both vendor and customer relationships and define these as intercompany.

  1. You must define one endpoint per Microsoft Dynamics AX company that you want to trade with regardless of whether that relationship is a vendor or customer. From the main menu, click > > > .

  2. In the form, press CTRL+N to create a new endpoint. In the field, insert a check mark.

  3. On the , under , in the field, click the lookup button and select the relevant Microsoft Dynamics AX company with which you want to do intercompany trade.

    Note Note

    You must have already set up your vendors, items, and customers with which you want to do intercompany trade.

  4. On the tab, define this company as a vendor or a customer; you can define the company as having both these relationships with your organization. The field references either the Customer table or the Vendor table, depending on the relationship.

When you have finished setting up your endpoints, you can click to define the actions for the selected intercompany endpoint.

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