An endpoint in Microsoft Dynamics AX is a company or entity that participates in a business-to-business (B2B) or application-to-application (A2A) data exchange.

You can set up actions (in the form of sales or purchase requisitions) and the policies that define the processes involved in trading with your vendors and your customers.

  1. From the form for your selected intercompany, click to open the form. If you have already created actions for a vendor relationship, this form opens with the field as PurchaseRequisition. For a customer relationship, this form opens with the field as SalesOrder.

  2. To create two actions, SalesOrder and PurchaseRequisition, click . When you have created these actions, you can select either of them in the field. These two actions are required to set up your intercompany relationships, and you must create them once for each company that you want to set up. If you have migrated from Microsoft Axapta 3.0, these actions are already available.

    Note Note

    You set up endpoints for your intercompany partners in the form. If you have set up both a vendor and a customer relationship with one of your intercompany companies, you can toggle between these two in the form on the tab, in the field. This field determines the parameters available on the tab.

  3. To describe how you want your intercompany processes to take place, click the tab.

  4. Click . In the form, define the way that you want to reference the items for intercompany trade.

  5. In all the fields on all the tabs, define how you want to exchange company information, countries/regions, items, delivery methods, and department codes in the document.

You can now create items for intercompany trade.

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