1. Click > Common Forms> .

  2. If you have not previously done so, click to see the complete form.

  3. Select the sales order for which you want to create a purchase order.

  4. From the sales order header, click > .

    The dialog box lists all open sales order lines and includes the preferred vendors.

    Note Note

    You can set up a preferred vendor for an item per site, warehouse, location, color, size, and configuration in the form on the tab. For more information, see Item coverage (form).

  5. If needed, change the vendor account number .

  6. To transfer the customer delivery address according to the sales order to the purchase order delivery address field, select the check box.

  7. Select the check box to select lines, for which you want to generate purchase orders. To select all lines, select the check box.

  8. Click to select from all sales order lines.

  9. Click to validate the lines selected for copying.

  10. Click OKto generate purchase orders based on your selections. Microsoft Dynamics AX creates one purchase order for each vendor account specified for the selected sales order lines.

Note Note

Each purchase order line is marked against the sales order line that led to the purchase. On the sales order line, the relation to the purchase order is visible on the tab in the reference fields , , and . This method ensures that the costs from the current purchase are charged on the attached sales order.

To create a direct delivery from vendor to customer, click > . The check box is selected on the resulting form and is for information only.