1. Click > > > .

  2. Select a journal.

  3. On the tab, select a bank account.

  4. Click , and then click > .

  5. In the field, select a method of payment that uses the remittance file format. Alternatively, in the Remittance formatfield, select .

  6. Click . The form opens.

  7. In the field, enter the file name and location for the remittance file.

  8. In the field, select whether this remittance file is related to transfers or checks.

  9. Select the check box to print a report that displays information about the transactions included in the remittance file.

  10. Click OK.

  11. In the form, click OK.

    The remittance file is generated, and the control report is printed. Information about the remittance file, including the journal number, file name, and transactions is available in the form.

  12. Review the control report. If changes are needed, repeat steps 2 through 11 to regenerate the remittance file.

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