Use this procedure to create purchase orders manually from approved purchase requisition lines. All information on the purchase requisition lines is copied to the purchase order lines, although some of the amounts might be recalculated.

The following table describes whether line prices and discounts are recalculated when the purchase order is created, depending on the information in the purchase requisition lines.

If the purchase requisition line contains

Line prices and discounts are recalculated when purchase order lines are created

Catalog items


Non-catalog items


References to requests for quotes


Note Note

Miscellaneous charges are always recalculated when the purchase order is created to ensure that those charges are current.

  1. Click > > > to open the form. This form lists all the approved purchase requisition lines for which no purchase order lines have been created.

    The list is sorted by item number, item name, and requested date.

  2. Select the check boxes next to the lines to create a purchase order for.

  3. Click to create a purchase order. A dialog box that describes how the lines are grouped is displayed. Clear the check box if you do not want to group the lines by requisitioner (the user who requested the items) on the purchase order.

    Tip Tip

    We recommend that you select this check box if invoice approval is required by the user who requested the items. If multiple users are assigned to a purchase order, the invoice approval process might be more efficient if the lines are grouped by user.

    You can define a workflow configuration using the workflow template where the purchase order invoice is routed to the user who requested the items if that user is the same for all purchase orders on the invoice.

  4. Click OK. The Infolog lists the purchase orders that have been created. The requisition lines are no longer displayed in the form.

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