You can set up outbound rules to determine how you want the program to handle the outbound process. You can use these rules to enable or disable the shipment staging functions to control the shipment process and, in particular, at which stage in the process you can send a shipment.

  1. Click > > > .

  2. On the tab, enter an ID and description for the rule.

  3. Select the field if you want to be able to specify a different to location for delivering the picked items. If you do not select this field, the items are automatically delivered to the default location.

  4. In the field, select the status for the picking line after delivery.

    Note Note

    If you select , when you deliver the last item in the shipment, the shipment will automatically be sent.

  5. In the field, select the status that defines when the shipment can be sent. The shipment status is always based on the lowest denominator of the shipment lines status. All the shipment lines must at least have the status for them to be shipped.

  6. Select whether you want the program to ship the items automatically when the shipment status reaches the one you have specified in the field.

  7. Select whether you want a bill of lading created and a shipment list printed automatically when you ship.

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