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Use this form to set the rules that define how you want Microsoft Dynamics AX to handle outbound processes.

Tasks that use this form

Navigating the form

The following tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form:




View all the outbound rules.

Set up an outbound rule.




Specify that you want to be prompted for a delivery destination for the picked items when you pick the last of the items in the form.

If you have selected the field, set the status that you want the program to automatically assign the items on the line after they have been picked. You can select: Staged, Loaded, or Completed.

NoteIf you select Loaded, the field must also contain Loaded.

Select the status that the shipment must be before it can be sent.

Specify that you want the shipment to be sent automatically when the Shipment status is set to the one you have selected in the field.

Specify that you want the program to create and print a shipment list when the shipment is sent.

Specify that you want the program to create a bill of lading when the shipment is dispatched.

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