You can create deliveries for items to be sent directly to your customer from the vendor. This type of delivery saves on delivery time and inventory carrying costs, because you do not hold goods in your warehouse before shipping to the customer.

To create direct deliveries directly from the form, you create a sales order and order lines, and then select from the menu in the sales order header, specifying the lines that you want handled as a direct delivery. A link is now created between the direct delivery sales order lines and their corresponding purchase order lines.

After you have created the direct delivery link between the sales order lines and the purchase order, you can packing slip update the sales order by running either or updates from the purchase order. You must invoice update the sales order from the sales order form itself, and that the sales order cannot be invoice updated with a greater quantity than has been registered as received. For example, if only 5 pieces from a sales order line of 10 pieces have been packing slip updated and you select from the list when invoice updating, then only those items that have been physically received (packing slip updated) will be invoice updated, and not the whole sales order line.


Sales order 00033_036 has three lines on it. When you create direct deliveries for all three of these lines, their corresponding purchase order receives 00033_036 as their reference. Purchase order 00030_049 is also linked with the same sales order, and in that case, the sales order receives 00030_049 as its reference number.

Delivery date

When you update the field on the sales order line, the field on the corresponding purchase order line is also updated. Conversely, when you update the field on the purchase order line, the and fields on the corresponding sales order line are updated.

Delivery address

The delivery address for a purchase order is by default usually the company's address. However, when you create a direct delivery the customer's address is automatically entered as the delivery address. If you change the delivery address for a purchase order line of delivery type , then the delivery address for the corresponding sales order line is also updated. Similarly, if you change the delivery address on the sales order line, the delivery address on the purchase order line is updated with this new address.

Delete order lines

If you want to delete a sales order line with a delivery type , a warning will appear telling you that purchase order lines are attached to the line. If the sales order line has been partially delivered, you cannot delete either the sales order line or its attached purchase order lines.


When you create a direct delivery, the items you sell never physically arrive at your warehouse, but it is still necessary to specify a warehouse on the sales order line. Similarly, although picking requirements might be specified on the items' inventory model group, because the items never physically arrive in your warehouse, these requirements are ignored when the sales order is a direct delivery.

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