1. Click > Common Forms> .

  2. Create a sales order.

  3. From the sales order header, click and select from the submenu to open the form.

    The dialog box lists all sales order lines in the sales order and includes the preferred vendors.

    Note Note

    You can set up a preferred vendor for an item per site, warehouse, location, color, size, and configuration in the form on the tab. For more information, see Item coverage (form).

  4. If needed, change the vendor account number in the field.

  5. Select the check box if you want to create direct deliveries for all the sales order lines in the form.

  6. Select or clear the parameters in the uppermost part of the form and click when you are finished.

    A purchase order is automatically created in the form.

  7. All updates to the selected sales order lines are now performed by using the form with the exception of invoicing. You must still invoice your customer manually.