This procedure can be used to set up all the transport details at the shipping point, receiving point, and the transport itself.

  1. Make sure that all relevant warehouses and their calendars are set up using the form ( > > > ).

    Note Note

    The calendar can be set up for all warehouses simultaneously by using the form.

  2. If multisite is activated, make sure that fallback warehouses are associated with the sites. The fallback warehouse is used to calculate the transport time if a site but no warehouse has been specified on the sales order line, see Set up a fallback warehouse for a site.

  3. If the receiving point is an address (rather than a warehouse), make sure that the address is set up in the appropriate form, for example, by using the form ( > > > ).

  4. Make sure that the various forms of transport are set up using the form ( > > > ).

  5. To set up the transport calendar for available pickup and transport days, see Set up the transport calendar.

  6. To set up the customer calendar for available receipt days, click > and select the relevant customer.

  7. On the tab, select a calendar from the Receipt calendardrop-down list.

  8. To specify the shipping point, receiving point, and transport duration, see Set up a transport.

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