1. Set up the form by referring to Create working time calendars.

  2. Set up the shipping point, receiving point, and duration for the various forms of transport by referring to Set up transport details.

  3. In the form on the tab, enter the number of days in the field, and the order deadline times for the days of the week.

  4. To automatically calculate the ship date when you choose a receipt date, select the check box. Selecting the check box on the form will be default for new orders, selecting the check box on the order header will be default for new order lines.

  5. If you want to view (and transfer to the order) the available receipt and ship dates, click on the tab on the order header or line as relevant.

Note Note

The procedure for choosing dates is the same for both requested and confirmed dates.

If you choose an invalid ship or receipt date, the form will be automatically displayed so that you can choose alternative dates.

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