Businesses that supply goods to companies in other European Union (EU) countries must submit yearly or quarterly reports to the appropriate authorities in their own countries. Quarterly reports are typically required to be submitted no later than 10 days after the end of the quarter. For example, first quarter reports are due on April 10.

  1. Click > > > .

  2. Click to transfer the sales or project invoices that have been entered for customers in other European Union countries/regions to this form.

  3. In the form, select a field and enter the period for which the invoices should be selected.

  4. Select the field, type an exclamation mark ( !) and select to exclude invoices that are not for EU sales.

  5. Click OKto close the form.

  6. In the form, click . Make any corrections that are needed.

  7. Click and select the appropriate menu item for the country/region that you are preparing the report for.

  8. Select the reporting period and year.

  9. Enter information in the other fields in the form and click OKto print the report or generate an electronic file.

  10. Submit the report or file to the authority.

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