The following table lists the Sales and marketing reports. The table entries are organized by business process and business process component and then alphabetically by report name.

Note Note

Report names followed by an asterisk (*) require SQL Server Reporting Services.

Business process and business process component

Report name



Analyze marketplace

Average call duration

Provides a calculation of the average telephone call length.

Business relation activities

Lists activities related to a business relation.

Business relation financials

Summarizes business relations with similar financial information.

Business relations

Lists business relations based on information that is stored in the form.

Business relations with contacts

Lists business relations with related contact persons.

Campaign response frequency

Lists the response totals to multiple campaigns.

Campaign target responded

Lists all targets who have responded to a campaign.

Inbound call

Provides a list of all inbound telephone calls.

Outbound call

Provides a list of all outbound telephone calls.

Telemarketing response

Lists all responses to a telemarketing campaign.

Telemarketing summary

Provides a summary of opened, closed, and canceled calls.


Develop marketing plan

Activity analysis

Lists all of the activities in a campaign.

Last activity for business relations

Lists the last activity for a selected business relation.


Conduct campaign

Call list report

Lists the call list targets for all selected campaigns.

Campaign targets

Lists the targets of a campaign.

Status report

Lists the status of a call list.


Establish sales forecast

Business relation turnover

Lists all customers, the budgets attached to them, and their potential spending.


Manage sales force

Quotations by salesperson

Shows all of the quotations that were created by a selected salesperson.

Sales targets

Shows the sales targets for a specific salesperson.


Make the sale

Quotation lost - Reason

Lists all lost quotations and the reasons for the loss.

Quotation won - Reason

Lists all won quotations and the reasons for the win.

Quotations by item

Groups quotations that contain related items.


Schedule customer activities

Activity per quotation

Lists all activities that are associated with a selected quotation.

Activity turnover

Lists all activity turnover for a selected employee.

List of activities

Lists all activities for a selected business relation.


Make the sale


Lists the available base data information about a customer or a group of customers.


Process sales orders

Blanket order

Provides information about blanket orders and the associated released orders.

Customer/Item statistics

Lists statistics about customers and items that have been ordered, grouped by customer.

Item/Customer statistics

Lists statistics about items that have been ordered by customers, grouped by item.

Ledger posting for sales orders

Shows information about sales order transactions that have been posted to the general ledger.

Open sales order lines by customer

Shows information, sorted by customer, about quantities of individual items on sales orders that have not been shipped.

Open sales orders

Open Sales Orders *

Shows information about open sales orders. An open sales order has one or more items that have been ordered by the customer but have not yet been shipped.

Order lines

Lists sales order lines and the item discount for each sales order line.

Order lines not invoiced

Lists sales order lines that have not yet been invoiced. This report also specifies the amount to be invoiced for each sales order line and the total amount for all sales order lines.

Sales order

Lists sales orders sorted by customer.

Supplementary item overview

Lists supplementary purchases and sales for an item number or item group.