Use the form to set up depreciation books, which can be used to calculate depreciation for a group of assets.

  1. Click > >

  2. Press CTRL-N to create a new depreciation book.

  3. Enter the name of the book and a description.

  4. Click the tab to enter additional depreciation information, such as a and .

  5. Click the tab to enter purchasing and sales account information.

  6. Click to open the Fixed asset transactions (form)where you can view transaction information.

  7. Click to open the Depreciation book bonus depreciation (form)you can view bonus depreciation information

  8. Click to open either the Fixed asset balances form, where you can view information for the asset book, or the Fixed asset profile (form), where you can view the depreciation, depending on how the asset depreciation was set up.

  9. Click to open the Split fixed asset (form), where you can transfer value from one asset to another

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