Use this information to allocate a miscellaneous charge, such as freight, to the lines on a purchase order.

  1. Click > Common Forms> .

  2. Click to see the complete form.

  3. In the order header pane, click the button and select to allocate the charges to the purchase order lines.

  4. Select the allocation method from the list.

    Note Note

    This step applies only if the charge is a fixed amount.

  5. In the field, specify whether to allocate charges to , , or .

  6. Select to allocate charges to purchase order lines even if the miscellaneous charge code has the debit type other than .

  7. Select to allocate charges only to received order lines.

    Note Note

    Charges are allocated to all lines based on the criteria that you selected. To allocate charges to selected lines, define the miscellaneous charges manually for each line.

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