To reclassify a fixed asset, you must transfer it to a new fixed asset group or assign a new fixed asset number to it within the same group.

  1. Click > > > .

  2. Enter the and of an existing fixed asset to reclassify.

  3. Enter a name for the transferred fixed asset. If the new fixed asset group is attached to a number sequence, the will come from the group number sequence. Otherwise, the new fixed asset number will come from the number sequence in the form. If number sequences don't exist in the form, enter a manually.

  4. Enter the date of the transaction in the field.

  5. Select a for the fixed asset transactions.

  6. Click .

Results of reclassifying assets

  • All value models for the existing fixed asset are created for the new fixed asset. Any information that was set up for the original asset is copied to the new fixed asset. The status of the value models for the original fixed asset is .

  • The new value models of the new fixed asset contain the date of the reclassification in the field. The date in the field is copied from the original asset information. If the depreciation has already started, the field displays the date of the reclassification.

  • The existing fixed asset transactions for the original fixed asset are canceled and generated for the new fixed asset.

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