You can create different versions of an existing bill of materials (BOM). You can then attach the BOM to one or more items.

Create a BOM

  1. Click > Common Forms> .

  2. Click CTRL+N to create a new BOM.

  3. Enter information to identify the BOM.

  4. Click to open the form.

  5. Select the item number, and enter the quantity to create additional BOM lines for any component items that comprise the BOM.

  6. Close the form.

  7. Click to open the dialog box.

  8. Select an employee name, and then click .

Create a BOM version

  1. To create another version of the new BOM, click CTRL+N in the grid to create a new line.

  2. Select the relevant item number, and enter dates in the and fields to control the validity period of the BOM version. Use the field to set a minimum item quantity for using the BOM version.

  3. Click to approve the BOM version.

  4. Select the check box to make the BOM version active.

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