You can view payment history for any vendor by using an inquiry from the form to open the form. You can use the fields in this form to view a variety of vendor payment information, such as:

  • Recent payments made to a vendor

  • The full history of all payments made to a vendor

  • A list of invoices included in a payment

  • Information that was printed on a physical check

  • The method of payment and dates for payments

You also can search for a specific invoice number or purchase order number to view invoice or purchase order information.

  1. Click > Common Forms> .

  2. Select the vendor to view payment history for.

  3. Click > .

    Note Note

    You can only view the information in the form; you cannot make any changes.

  4. In the list, select whether to display all payments or only payments within the past 12 months.

  5. To filter the information that is displayed, select a search type in the list and type a search value in the field. For example, you can search for a specific purchase order number.

  6. To display the form that is related to the selected line, click .

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