In order to trade items between companies, you must create an item in both companies. You can create items in other companies if the item does not already exist.

  1. Click > .

  2. In the form, select an existing item that you want to use for intercompany trade. To create a new item, press CTRL+N.

  3. To create the same item in another company, click > .

    Note Note

    The companies shown in the form are created as intercompany companies in the form. Microsoft Dynamics AX automatically checks each field to determine whether the value from one company exists in the other company. If it exists, the line is marked with a warning icon.

  4. To view the warning message, click .

  5. To resolve any errors, you can change the synchronization method and create the item with another item number. In the field, select one of the following options:

    • Same – The item is assigned the same item number in the chosen company.

    • Automatic - The item is assigned the next item number in the number sequence.

    • Manual - The item is assigned the item number that you enter in the field.

  6. To synchronize the line and create the item in the other company, insert a check mark in the field on the relevant line and click OK.

Tip Tip

If standard cost prices are applied and you copy an item from one company to another, you must create the standard cost price setup manually on the new item record that you copy.

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