Employee records are important to your Human Resources and payroll systems. The information that you enter can be used to track employees and personal information, to write letters, and to print reports. It is important to keep up-to-date information to reflect your company's current activity.

There are three employee types: employee, contractor and work center. The work center employee type is typically not used in a human resources context.

For more information about work center employees, refer to Employees in shop floor control.

You can manage the following types of information and actions related to the employee and contractor employee types:

  • – Manage professional background information that includes education, skills, courses, project and professional experience, positions of trust, and certificates. This information is useful as general information about the employee and as a basis for tracking the development of the employee over the course of their employment.

  • – Create base information that includes emergency contacts, terms of employment, benefits, an alternate address, and work tasks.

  • – Access information about an employee's absence.

  • – Manage information about the employee's compensation.

  • – Enter personal information about the employee.

  • – Enter information about the terms of the employee's employment.

  • – Enter comments related to the employee.

Hiring Employees

You can enter information about the employees that you hire in the , , and , and forms. You will follow the same steps whether you are employing an employee for the first time or rehiring them.

Setup Prerequisites

Set up folder


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